Most of our prospective clients want to know who we are before they do business. This is true for all types of customers, and it is normal when purchasing larger ticket items, especially in volume. Currently, we service several of North America’s largest corporate and government organizations that purchases from 1000s of AEDs and American Heart Association training programs and other related items.

For over 12 years, a key tenet of our corporate philosophy has been to promote health education and knowledge. Because of that, we have established one of Dallas Texas’s preeminent AED training facilities that provides certified American Heart Association training for organizations of every size. Furthermore, HeartSafe affiliates across the nation provide the same superlative level of training in every state and city of America.


Master AED Distributor


Our training center is officially authorized by the American Heart Association to provide all levels of ACLS, PALS, BLS and CPR training, certification and recertification. And, because of our commitment to quality, value, service and training, we are part of the TDA Perks Program. This is further complimented by our industry designation of Master Distributor, which authorizes us to officially represent leading AED brands and products in America.

To support local and national dental clinics, we established the American AED Dental Registry. This free service keeps administrators and managers up to date on employee re-certification training dates, regulatory changes and AED expiry dates. It was designed to ensure that clinics everywhere are always compliant and indemnified against liability. We have also established a national registry for businesses in every sector. In keeping with the Good Samaritan Laws, we have also developed a searchable online resource itemizing AED-related laws for every state and industry in America. This enables our clients to easily access local government regulations and regulatory changes that may affect their businesses.


Liability Protection.


In 2009, we launched Track+Pro, our trade-marked AED tracking software. This amazing technology was designed based on feedback from our customers, who wanted a user-friendly way to manage AED training schedules, dates for AED replacement parts, AED expiries, email reminders and product ordering for anywhere from a few AEDs to hundreds. Track+Pro software has been referred to as “the most affordable administrative assistant on the planet.” It’s a statement about our long-term commitment to providing our customers with the very best service and technological support available. Truly, it sets AED Quotes by HeartSafe far ahead of the competition.

At AED Quotes by HeartSafe America, we pride ourselves in providing the same level of professionalism and competitive pricing to each and every client. We believe this is one of the secrets of our success, and it explains why we are a leader in this industry.