Service is Job #1


Providing the very best professional customer service and experience is our commitment to you.

We appreciate that your time is valuable. Because of that we endeavor to respond to your requests and enquiries in the shortest amount of time possible – in most situations, almost immediately, or within hours.


What to Expect.

  1. When we receive your enquiry, a confirmation email is sent to you within minutes. This ensures that you know we have your information and are processing your request.
  2. Next, an AED Quotes professional will prepare your quote and get back to you, also answering all your questions. We will ensure that you have everything in writing, keeping in mind that manufacturers change their prices and, at times, discontinue certain items.

  3. Next, you will receive a follow-up call to answer any questions you may have, make money-saving recommendations and make adjustments to your quote should you need additional items, or require any modifications to your enquiry.
  4. If any changes are required, we will email you a revised quote to ensure that everything you requested is accounted for and you are receiving the very best value and price available in the marketplace.
  5. We are going to do everything at this point to earn your business.
  6. We look forward to, and appreciate the opportunity to serve all your AED needs.

Any questions, call us toll free at 1.877.731.7467 or Email Us.