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Making People Connections.

We know from experience that our customers never make AED buying decisions without first talking to a real person. They want to be certain that the organization and the people they purchase from are genuine, trustworthy, accountable and knowledgeable. Because of that, at AED Quotes by HeartSafe America, we encourage you to call us and get to know us personally and professionally. You won’t be disappointed, we promise.

Here’s what Dr. Anne Lyon said about us.

“We were a bit skeptical about the price. So, we investigated and found out for sure it was the best price.  Our Emergency Medical Technician told us that he was shocked at the price we paid because it was such a great deal.”

Promises Delivered


Earning your business is all about delivering on our promises to you. We pride ourselves in that. And, we expect you to hold us to it! Our many satisfied customers, like Dr. Lyons, have commented on our transparency and commitment to honesty and integrity.

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